Integra Loss Control Associates Ltd are a Scotland based Health and Safety Consultancy. With a wide range of health and safety experience and specialist knowledge, Integra can help your business with its' health and safety needs.

Integra Loss control associates can provide safety solutions of a range of types - from risk assessment, to broad management training to specialist safety work, such as dsear or cdm

Our strengths lie in providing bespoke solutions for clients’ needs. By applying sound loss control management principles, backed up with the knowledge of making those principles work in business, we aim to generate the optimum solution for each need.
Below is an overview of typical processes:


Integra Loss Control Associates offer a wide range of services to varied customers. With extensive experience in safety management in the food industry, manufacturing, construction industry and more, Integra are well placed to consult on safety management in a number of workplaces and sites.
  • Risk Assessment Integra can provide risk assessment training, review existing assessments or carry out new assessments on site.
  • Safety Training Integra can provide tailored training packages, from single topic sessions, to complex, multi day courses.
  • PUWER Assessments Integra are highly experienced in assessing machinery to PUWER requirements and aiding the design of procedural documents. Read more...
  • Behavioural Safety Training and courses are designed for your requirements. Through observing and working with operatives, Integra designs site and role specific resources and training.
  • Management Development Integra offers a range of management consulting services. With extensive experience in safety management and practical applications of safety systems, Integra can aid management in developing their workplace safety programme.
  • Audits Integra currently carry out audits for a number of Factories, Sites and Groups. Integra can design a full Audit package or conduct to a pre-desinged in house system.

Risk Assessments

Integra have helped clients as diverse as the world’s biggest soft drinks manufacturing site through to small charity organisations to complete risk assessments.

We have aided clients with risk assessments on factory floors, in major construction projects, offices and many more situations.

We have also developed dynamic risk assessment systems for a number of clients, allowing ever-changing jobs to be assessed as they arise, by the engineer or operative involved.

We also have extensive experience in Fire risk assessment, as well as working on high-profile projects involving ATEX, DSEAR and COMAH.

We would never do risk assessments without substantial input from the clients, but clients find our straightforward approach less complicated and more dynamic than others they might have tried.

We firmly believe that Risk Assessment is the fundamental aspect of a good safety management system and that it should never be treated simply as a paper exercise.

Risk-Based Auditing

Integra acts as an external auditor and verifier to several blue-chip clients, often working with their internal audit teams.

Linked to the Risk Based SMS, Risk Based Auditing focuses auditing on the critical issues, not generic processes. It is wrong, in our view, for a management system to be ‘in-place’ if it is not effective at managing the risks of the organization.
Risk Based Auditing involves measurement of the effectiveness of controls, including levels of safe / unsafe behaviour.

Typical auditing processes cover:
  • The level of implementation and effectiveness of management systems
  • The level of compliance to best practice safe design
  • Maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Observation of safe behaviour
  • And the use of short safety climate surveys to measure perceptions on safety.

Not only do we focus on management systems, but verify their effectiveness by wide ranging employee discussions, which we believe is a critical aspect often overlooked in standard auditing systems.

Risk-Based Safety Management Systems

By carrying out a ‘risk profile’ for an organization, we have helped clients implement a more focused safety management system (SMS). Rather than having a generic approach the system will ensure that the key risks are managed as a priority. We place ‘dynamic’ risk assessment at the heart of the SMS. It is critical that risk assessment is at the centre of the process and that the level of risk and the continuous improvement / monitoring plan are in ‘real time’.

Safety Teams

We recommend that clients involve employees in a structured process of safety management. We have many examples of safety teams taking real ownership of continual improvement in their areas. Safety teams establish dynamic risk assessments, risk action plans and inspection / observation systems to maintain control.
We have helped develop the processes and training to enable these teams to work effectively.

Management Standards and Organisation

Integra have helped several clients produce and implement a core set of Management Standards, forming the basis of a good safety management system. A properly defined set of management standards allows an organisation to work to fundamental safety procedures. That significantly aids the process of developing a healthy risk management system.

Leadership Training

Integra can provide training for all of the necessary leadership skills required to establish and maintain a dynamic safety management system. As an example:
  • Introduction to Health & Safety Leadership
  • Managing Risk Assessment and Safety Teams
  • Inspections and Audits
  • Incident Investigations
  • Permit to Work Authorised Person
  • Managing contractors
  • Safety representative training

The Integra training style is highly participative. For example during risk assessment training, the delegates will conduct assessments in their areas and develop plans for control.
Training courses can also be tailored to use the systems of the client company - with client risk assessments, investigations, inspections, permits, etc incorporated into training materials.

Behaviour Based Safety

Integra has over a decade of experience in aiding clients to develop behavioural safety programmes. Following on from legal compliance, physical and procedural systems Behavioural Safety has been identified as critical to success in improving loss prevention. Integra have developed and aided the implementation of behavioural systems with several major UK clients.

With exceptional experience and working knowledge, Integra utilise best practice tools for the promotion of safe behaviour. Working closely with clients, Integra can develop training programmes, workshops and processes to aid the development of a safe working culture.

The aim of a behavioural safety programme is to improve safety through training key managers and staff to evaluate and discuss safety relevant behaviours. This should lead to the identification of root causes, create an attitude of safe working behaviours and ensure that individuals assess the risks to themselves and others as they work.


Integra offer many specialist health and safety solutions for businesses - including specialist safety systems, such as permit control, dsear, cdm, puwer and more

Integra have specialist knowledge and extensive experience in several areas of safety management.

Many Safety Managers do not have the in-house resources to carry out certain work, or may require consultancy services for specialist areas of knowledge. Integra can help, offering support for your business where specialist safety knowledge is required. See below for an overview of some of the services Integra can offer.

DSEAR, ATEX and COMAH major risk specialists - Experienced in major projects and advising on routine workplaces and tasks involving explosive atmospheresExperienced CDM coordinators, acting as CDMC and providing additional safety services for projects
PUWER assessments, carried out from a risk-based user perspective, are more suitable than a machine-based perspectiveProviding training and systems on Dynamic Risk Assessment - ideal for work that is traditionally difficult to risk assess due to its dynamic, changing nature


CDM Coordination and Support

Integra are highly experienced in acting as CDMC for projects - coordinating the health and safety aspects of construction and rennovation on various scales. For notifiable projects of all sizes, Integra can provide knowledge and support to the project manager, ensuring that the work progresses safely and on time.

Integra also provide training on CDM responsibilities to project managers and teams. Training and support can also include Contractor Control, Permit Systems and other safety management aspects of projects.

Integra can further offer services such as HAZOP to ensure the safety of designs during the planning phase.



Integra can provide specialist support for projects or work which involves assessment and management of potentially explosive substances or atmospheres.

Integra have worked with several clients, on various related projects:

  • A housing construction project within a COMAH designated radius
  • A major fuel-farm project for Jet A-1 aviation fuel
  • Storage and management of Whisky barrels
  • Spray treating of large oil-platform components in a confined space

With wide ranging experience, Integra can provide general or specialist services to businesses where explosive substances or atmospheres create a risk.


PUWER Assessments

There is a prevalent issue with the PUWER assessments carried out by many consultancies, wherein the assessment is carried out solely on the equipment. This does not include a realistic appraisal of the work environment, the practical use and how the user and others may be harmed. In other words, PUWER assessments are often treated as a CE assessment of the equipment.

To conduct suitable and practical PUWER assessments, Integra take a user-centric approach. This looks at the real risks posed by equipment and how individuals may come to harm. Assessments will always lead to prioritised, practical solutions that can be implemented and planned.

From production lines to individual equipment, Integra can provide PUWER assessments that are practical, manageable and suitable to prevent and control risks. Read More...


Dynamic Risk Assessment

Dynamic Risk Assessment is a widely known, but not widely understood term. Essentially, a dynamic approach to assessing risks must be taken where an individual carries out variable tasks and/or tasks in a variable environment.

Integra have experience working with several clients to develop, implement and train Dynamic Risk Assessment processes - for delivery drivers at major soft drinks firms; Engineering teams at several factories; and Site Services teams.

Dynamic Risk Assessment can provide a manageable solution to controlling risks in jobs that are traditionally very difficult to risk assess. Read More...

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