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Dynamic Risk Assessment training for businesses in all industries.
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Dynamic Risk Assessment training by Integra Loss Control Safety Consultants.

Integra offer training for teams of any size on dynamic risk assessment in the workplace.
The training will give employees a grounding in the identification and management of hazards in their job role and in control measures that they should be aware of.
Training is tailored to suit your business, with specific, practical examples worked through.
Integra can provide dynamic risk assessment forms, provide examples of dynamic assessment books and forms, or integrate with your existing system.

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No matter what size your business, we can offer consultation or advice. Contact us:

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Dynamic Risk Assessment Training for any industry.
For work that is traditionally difficult to risk assess, dynamic assessment is the best way to ensure that your employees are actively assessing and managing risks.

Under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations, all UK businesses must Assess and Manage the risks of the work that they undertake.

Carrying out a Risk Assessment of a recurring, regular job is one thing, but what about your employees who engage in a wide range of tasks, which may vary every time? They may be working on different sites, solving different problems, working in different environments and weather conditions.

To assess and manage the risks that these employees face, a Dynamic Risk Assessment approach is the best way to ensure that risks are assessed and managed as they arise.


logo Case Study: Factory Engineers

Engineers, in the normal course of their work, are not protected by the same measures that keep other operatives safe. Opening electrical panels, accessing moving parts, removing guarding and covers, breaking into air lines...

The list of tasks that an engineer may face is highly varied. It is extremely difficult to write Risk Assessments for every engineering task.

Integra can help you train your engineers to understand the priciples of assessing risk and to apply this to their work. Email us now to find out more.



logo Case Study: Delivery Drivers

Integra have provided Dynamic Risk Assessment training to delivery drivers for a major drinks company. Dirvers are expected to deliver to various premises, in all weathers, in varying road conditions, at different times of day.

Training focussed on ensuring that individuals could recognise the key hazards that they face, and that they knew the best way to manage these hazards as they arose.

If your employees face varied hazards at different sites in the course of their duties, then Dynamic Risk Assessment can help you. Email us now to find out more.


logo A Practical Training Course

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment training will focus on the jobs undertaken by the delegates.

  • A key part of the training is to walk through a real-life example and to identify the hazards therein.

  • Courses are a mix of presentation, videos, discussion, Case Study examples, and practical work.


logo A Tailored Training Package

  • Integra's training package will be designed to suit your business.

  • Taking examples from your business and industry, the training will ensure that delegates are provided with relevant, up to date case studies and information.