Integra Loss Control Associates Ltd are a Scotland based Health and Safety Consultancy. With a wide range of health and safety experience and specialist knowledge, Integra can help your business with its' health and safety needs. Integra Training solutions - Including IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely. With an online Elearning solution, Integra offer effective ways to train your workforce Integra Loss Control Associates. Health and Safety consultants, offering safety solutions that work for you
  Integra's mission: The prevention of injuries, occupational illnesses and other accidenal losses at work.

The prevention of injuries, occupational illnesses and other accidental losses at work.

Our aim is to facilitate dynamic leadership and involvement at all levels of an organisation to make a tangible difference in safety performance and culture.
The measure of our success is in a substantial reduction in the chance of accidents derived from the strength of the safety systems and culture.


Our Beliefs

  • All accidents are preventable.

  • A strong safety culture starts with senior management commitment. Line management is accountable for their employees’ safety. Meaningful involvement of people at all levels brings success.

  • An ‘open and fair’ culture promotes communication and continued improvement.

  • Effective safety management is sound business investment.

The pyramid of accident causes: The underlying safety culture is fundamentally the root cause of accidents in the workplace.

The Pyramid of Causes

Injuries and other losses represent the tip of a pyramid of causes. A proactive safety management system will identify and learn from near miss incidents which are free lessons.

Beyond that we must look for the failures in safe conditions and safe behaviours.

The underlying ‘root causes’ feed from weaknesses in the company’s safety systems and the overall ‘safety culture’.

Integra tackles the source of injuries by building strength at the base of the pyramid.


Integra Loss Control Health and Safety consultants are OSHCR Registered Safety Consultants and has chartered members of IOSH