Integra Loss Control Associates Ltd are a Scotland based Health and Safety Consultancy. With a wide range of health and safety experience and specialist knowledge, Integra can help your business with its' health and safety needs. Integra Training solutions - Including IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely. With an online Elearning solution, Integra offer effective ways to train your workforce Integra Loss Control Associates. Health and Safety consultants, offering safety solutions that work for you

With years of experience in Health and Safety Consultancy, Risk Assessment, Safety Training, Auditing and more - Integra Loss Control have the the knowledge and experience to help you with your safety needs.

A diverse client-base and a wide range of specialist knowledge allows Integra to undertake numerous projects and jobs each year. Read below for more information on current projects and personnel.


Integra has a wode range of clients and a diverse set of health and safety consulting projects underway at any given time - find out more about the safety consultancy projects belowIntegra work with a variety of contacts and personnel, rom varied industries. Integra has the contacts and the knowledge to meet your business needs from health and safety consultancy. Find out more below.


Current Projects & Clients


Integra is aiding a medium scale business with development of it's fire plan. Integra conducted a Fire Risk Assessment, highlighting a ranked list of improvements. Integra is now helping the business to develop suitable procedures and controls to improve the fire safety plan.


Contacted by a local business, Integra is working on development of contractor Risk Assessments for proposed work for Network Rail. Due to the stringent safety requirements of Network Rail (and similar organisations), Integra was asked to aid in planning and documenting the safety aspects of the work.


Integra was contacted by a company who had been served an improvement notice by the HSE. Offering insight and support, Integra are helping the business make suitable changes to satisfy the HSE. Further ongoing support is scheduled to aid the company and prevent any further HSE notices.

Working with a drinks manufacturer and distributor, Integra is training ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’. This skill is to be part of the competence of delivery drivers who have to face various and changing risks as an everyday part of their job. Dynamic Risk Assessment helps these employees to take sound decisions on how to reduce the chance of serious harm.

As part of a long-term project, Integra are working with a large-scale soft drinks producer, providing auditing services across their UK sites. These audits are part of their internal systems and are being carried out by Integra as an independent auditor.

Developing on the in-house knowledge-base of Machinery and Product compliance - and working closely with experienced design engineers - Integra have set-up Integra Technology. This branch of the business will work with clients who are seeking: assitance with product compliance to national standards; importing expertise; production line PUWER and CE compliance; manufacturing and production consultancy; factory auditing and more.
For further information, please visit, or email Integra.

Integra maintain ongoing contracts with several small businesses, providing safety consulting services. These include training, accident investigation, assistance with risk assessments, PUWER assessments and developing safe working procedures.


Integra offers a range of health and safety consulting services. With experience across many inustries and overy many years, Integra can offer specialist safety services, or general Health and Safety support.


logo Alistair Denny

  • Director of Integra Loss Control Associates for over 10 years.

  • Over 25 years in manufacturing industry production and Health and Safety management.

  • Wide experience in factory and systems auditing to international standards.

  • Technical expertise in risk assessment and management, with particular emphasis on behavioural safety.

  • A management background in food production and warehousing/distribution before moving into Health & Safety with BOC in 1985. Has developed a wide knowledge of safety systems design, implementation and auditing over the past 25 years in Health and Safety.

  • Took up directorship in Integra in 2002, moving from AG Barr PLC where he had been Group H&S Adviser for the previous eight years.

  • Chaired the British Soft Drinks Association Health & Safety Committee for several years and co-developed Dynamic Risk Assessment processes with the HSE for the drinks industry.

  • Chartered member of IOSH, BSc, MA (Risk Management)


logo Scott Denny

  • BScHons Management & Psychology; PG Diploma Safety and Risk Management.

  • Experienced in design and assessment of machinery safety compliance.

  • Designer and instructor of Safety Training packages.

  • Product & project assessor for TUV.

  • Over 5 years of experience as Safety Auditor at major UK sites.

  • Site Management Safety Trained (SMSTS).

  • Chartered member of IOSH


    logo Contacts and Consultants

    At Integra LCA we have worked with a huge variety of individuals in wide-ranging industries. We have developed and maintained a number of contacts in various fields of expertise and work regularly with individual contractors.

  • Through Integra Technology, we have close contacts with expert Product Design and Mechanical Engineers.

  • We work regularly with a number of highly experienced Auditors and Trainers.

  • Work closely with First4Safety to develop and deliver IOSH training and consulting services.

  • We maintain ongoing contracts for large clients with experienced subcontractors.

Contact Integra to find out more about safety training. Make an enquiry, get a quote or find out more by contacting integra via email ( or phone (07900 192 264)
Integra Loss Control Health and Safety consultants are OSHCR Registered Safety Consultants and has chartered members of IOSH